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100% Pure White Ginseng Capsules Ginex Ginseng Granules: 40% more powerful than ginseng extract
List Price: $45.95
Our Price: $45.95
List Price: $72.95
Our Price: $65.95
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Made from 100% Pure Korean white ginseng roots harvested at the optimal stage between 4-6 years. These Ilhwa Ginseng Capsules are a natural health food product produced after a process of strict selection, sterilization and fractionation. With only the water removed you can be assured of its efficacy and potency.

(500mg × 50 capsules)
This highly concentrated version of Ginseng is 40% more powerful than Ginseng Extract. Ginex is a breakthrough in the use of Ginseng. Ginex is made of 100% pure Ilhwa Korean Ginseng extract with no additives.
30g(30 x 1 gram packets)

100% Red Ginseng Extract Ginseng GinST-15: high absorption capsules
Our Price: $54.00
List Price: $78.50
Our Price: $75.50
You save $3.00!
ILHWA has been perfecting the process of creating the world’s most efficacious ginseng for over 40 years. Ilhwa became the world leader in Ginseng Science through establishing a scientific research center in 1981. The premium grade ILHWA red ginseng is created under strict guidelines to ensure a powerful and efficacious ginseng extract. Red ginseng is considered a stimulate and a good source of energy.

30 gram

Suggested Use:
Put one spoonful of this concentrated ginseng tea into a cup of hot water. Add sugar or honey to taste. Stir well.
Ginseng GinST-15 Patented Enzyme Fermentation creates 15 times more absorption and 4 times faster! Known to reduce stress - Improve sleep - Enhance Focus.

60 capsules (1g x 60 capsules)

Ginseng Capsules: pure ginseng extract powder Ginseng GinST-15: high absorption gel caps
List Price: $35.95
Our Price: $25.95
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List Price: $39.50
Our Price: $29.50
You save $10.00!
Ilhwa Korean Ginseng - GinST High Absorption Ginseng
This soft capsule is made with the raw material of Ilhwa White Ginseng Concentrated Extract.
Contains 50 capsules.
30 Gel Caps 14.4g (5) 6 packs